Famous Women Scientist in History

Throughout history there have been women who have dreamt of becoming a scientist since the time they were a kid. However, it is a fact that female scientists have faced challenges gaining recognition for their achievements in a society where males have dominated the profession. Those that actually have become famous women scientist in history, such as Marie Curie, have had the burden of having to overcome many obstacles, when what they really wanted was to simply make the world a better place. The information below lists some important and famous female scientist in history and the reason why their contributions are so important.

In the world of science, females tend to get overlooked for their achievements, inventions and discoveries. Whether they have become physicists, pharmacologists, astronomers, physicians, mathematicians, chemists, geneticists or anthropologists, there have been women that should be remembered not only for advancing science, but for eradicating the notion that science is a mans domain.

Facts about Famous Women Scientists from Early History

Facts about Famous Women Scientists from the Modern Era

The list of famous women scientists continues to grow as women forge ahead in a field once, but no longer, dominated by males. Below are 10 more notable female scientists with impressive contributions to science.