Famous Women Inventors

There have been many famous women inventors in the history of the world. Some of these women are known to every kid who ever opened a history book where others are less well known. The information on this page list and describes just a few of these famous female inventors.

Through out history women have struggled for equal rights with men; especially African American women. Do to this fact there is with out doubt thousands of women who have never gotten credit for their ideas and inventions. One example of how women struggled to get credit for her inventions is Sybilla Masters. In 1712 she sailed to Brittan from America in the hopes of obtaining a patent for a new process for grinding corn which eliminated the need for huge millstones and used hammers instead. This was a very smart and useful invention for its time; however since she was a women the patent was issued in her husbands name not hers.

List of 5 Famous Women Inventors

List of Some Famous Women Inventor's Inventions