Famous Women Entrepreneurs in History

The saying, "It's a man's world", has never applied to the many women who have become famous entrepreneurs in history. What these women all have in common is their ability to believe that failure is not an option when faced with challenges and obstacles on the road to success. Where some women came from backgrounds of privilege, many started out as middle-class kids and even kids with nothing who went on to influence people throughout the world. Let's look at why some of these women have left such a mark in history.

Famous women entrepreneurs in history share an ability to not only lead others with great leadership skills, but inspire those around them. This has not always been easy in a male dominated society. Many of these women faced the added challenge of gaining respect from their male counterparts along the way. From beauty and fashion to manufacturing and publishing many women have pushed the envelope resulting in empires worth millions and even billions of dollars.

The following list of women entrepreneurs prove that there is no limit to what women who set their mind to it can achieve.

List of Famous Women Entrepreneurs in History

Famous Black Women Entrepreneurs in History

List of Some Famous Lesbian Women Entrepreneurs

Today, more and more women entrepreneurs are getting a taste of what the benefits of hard work and perseverance can accomplish at a young age. The women in the list below know what it is like to be a millionaire under the age of thirty.

List of Some Famous Women Entrepreneurs under the Age of Thirty