Famous Scientist in History

A discussion about who the famous people in history are would not be complete without information on the famous scientist in history. This list includes such famed people as Albert Einstein, Galileo, George Washington Carver, Sigmund Freud, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, and Aristotle to name just a few. What makes these people so famous varies but generally has to do with great discoveries that increased our understanding of the world. There are many scientist who have made discoveries but only a few of these have captured the attention of the world and gained fame. Some of these scientist made great discoveries through diligent research an experimentation where others discoveries were made purely by accident. Perhaps the best example of this is the discovery in 1928 of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming while he was studying bacteria. These great peoples motives were various and included the pure pursuit of knowledge, the quest for financial gain, and the pursuit of fame and recognition.

Below we have a list of some of the famous scientist in history along with a few kid friendly facts about each. Read the other pages of this category for more detailed information about these scientist.

List of Famous Scientist

Albert Einstein

Charles Darwin

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Conclusion - Famous Scientist in History

The above list contains just a few examples of famous scientist. Explore the other pages of this site for information and facts about many of the other scientist who have gained fame.